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4 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing in 2021

4 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing in 2021

4 Ways to Make Money with Email Marketing in 2021

Email marketing is a direct consumer-to-vendor model that is not as outdated as many marketers have been led to believe. Every day in 2020, more than 306 billion emails were sent worldwide. While many businesses and networks have been capitalizing on email marketing for years, our team of industry analysts has compiled four cream-of-the-crop email marketing angles that you can make money and gain financial freedom in 2021 and beyond. 

1. Email Content Marketing

Email content marketing is a powerful medium that is proven highly effective across social media. The power of visual representation of brand data is not only more appealing but more memorable. We’re not talking about an automated email sequence (although those are overly used – as we all know), but rather personalized messages that help resonate your message to your audience. Using a content marketer is an excellent way to integrate compelling email campaigns, capitalize on remarketing strategies, and make money regardless of your industry.

2. Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate email marketing is most potent when you have an established email list or access to an excessive email list. As a whole, it’s more effective to target an email list that you’ve built up over time, as that takes trust, value, and commitment from both you and your subscribers. Ideally, you’ve become an authority in the industry that you’re in, or you know how to leverage social media and paid search advertising. Regardless, partnering with the best brands and companies in your related field and creating profitable email marketing campaigns with affiliate links is one of the longest-standing email marketing fields. 

3. Product/Service

For those who’ve built up authority and a following in your industry, promoting valuable services and selling relevant products through social media, a blog, or an eCommerce platform are popular ways to monetize. When it comes to integrating your email list, remarketing and seasonal email marketing campaigns prove effective and help you make money from existing clients. 

4. Incentivized 

Incentivized email marketing is a powerful way to build up vast user interactions within a short amount of time. Often, incentivized email marketing is done with partnered organizations (like Omaze) where participants can earn a hefty payout or luxurious price on the raffle’s date. Incentivization is most common among startups or brands seeking to integrate increased client interaction. 

The Bottom Line

Email marketing is a powerful medium that is not leverage as much as it used to be. With the rise of brand empowerment through social media, email marketing has taken a backseat to the primary marketing channels we find ourselves fixated on these days. All the same, billions of people worldwide own and use email addresses every day, presenting billions of opportunities every day for innovators in email marketing to add value and profit.

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