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Gain Financial Freedom – Make Money with Bitcoin Cash Trading

Gain Financial Freedom - Make Money with BTC Trading in 2021

Gain Financial Freedom – Make Money with Bitcoin Cash Trading

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a popular altcoin that was created in 2017. Similar to Bitcoin, the total number of Bitcoin Cash is fixed at 21 million. At the end of 2020, there was just over 18.5 million bitcoin cash mined, leaving 2.5 million more to mine. Given the limited supply of bitcoin cash cryptocurrency, a weighted supply and demand must be applied. 

As demand rises for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin cash, their prices will continue to soar due to the increased demand and limited supply. Contrary to its counterpart (bitcoin), bitcoin cash has a less volatile price history and has seen more gradual market swings than the extreme volatility frequently seen with Bitcoin. 

Two failproof ways that you can begin making money with BTC Cash trading would be: 

BTC Cash Arbitrage – Arbitrage is a trading style where investors seek to profit from the price difference between two or more markets. In this instance, traders perform arbitrage by nearly simultaneously buying and selling BTC Cash in two or more markets, profiting from the price fluctuations between them. Arbitrage requires a high-speed connection, technical analysis insight, and an understanding of associated markets (cryptocurrency markets). 

Trade Correlations – Correlations do not infer causation, but they reveal strong tendencies between related financial instruments and assets. One way to hedge your investment portfolio is to trade low-volatility trade correlations. For example, let’s say you invested in bitcoin (and hopefully so because you’ll be rich), you can hedge against that investment with Bitcoin Cash. 

How do you know when the best time is? 

A positive correlation between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) signifies that BCH has a firm price correlation with Bitcoin and that Bitcoin Cash’s price is likely to continue to appreciate/depreciate in similarity with Bitcoin. When a positive correlation is in effect, buy or sell in correlation with Bitcoin. 

Here is a free cryptocurrency correlation calculator you can use (make sure that BCH has a value of at least (0.74) or higher (the higher the value, the stronger the correlation between bitcoin and bitcoin cash).

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