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5 Ways to Financial Freedom with Online Consultancy

10 Ways to Financial Freedom with Online Consultancy

5 Ways to Financial Freedom with Online Consultancy

Online consultancy is a booming industry with many specialties. As a business owner, you can launch your online consultancy venture in an industry that you know and thrive in the most. With more businesses working remotely than ever before, now is the perfect time for becoming an online consultant. 

Young entrepreneurs may not receive this next piece of advice, but your experience is a core ingredient to vetting and building authority as an online consultant. Given how young many entrepreneurs are, it becomes vital for building brand authority to surround yourself with experienced consultants – not only the best educated or most qualified but those with experience.

Anyway, let’s dive into the five main types of consultancy and how you can gain financial freedom with one or more of the avenues shared:

1. Marketing

Marketing is a critical industry for all businesses to keep up with the digital age. Cost-per-click (CPC) and paid-per-click (PPC) advertising are among the two predominant marketing tactics seen amongst web-based companies. Content marketing is growing vastly and is likely the new medium for cultivating brand awareness. Search engine optimization naturally follows in this category, as Google dominates worldwide search with more than 97% of the world’s search – therefore, master your Google SEO for the best chance of building rank power. 

Popular subcategories of marketing consulting include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Acquisition
  • Video Marketing

2. Financial

Financial consulting is a highly competitive consulting industry. Emerging your financial consulting services with emerging and long-standing sectors like fintech (financial technology), fundraising, real estate, and financial trading consulting are ideal. A Bachelor’s or Master’s in Finance or a Certified Financial Technician licensing may be required with consulting within the financial industry. 

3. Strategy

Strategy consulting is a broad field that can cover business strategy, environmental, operational, financial, brand persona, and many more subcategories. Consider strategy consulting as a big-picture mindset job that is tinkered through minor incremental organizational changes. A thorough Commerce and Business background are two foundational pillars to build upon, while an MBA would help solidify your authority while giving you strategy experience. 

4. Technology

Technology consulting in 2021 provides access to a vast range of technology fields, including software, cyber, field technical, blockchain, crypto, SaaS, and cloud services, to name a handful. Machine learning, augmented (virtual) reality, and artificial intelligence are other technology sectors that present many consulting opportunities. 

5. Social Media

Social media influencing is a powerful branding opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large organizations. Perhaps the perfect celebrity example of someone who has been a true trailblazer, a catalyst for all tasks he tackles, and has leveraged the immense power of social media would be the Rock (Dwayne the Rock Johnson). Not only does he have access to over 200 million followers, but he’s leveraged his fame and social platforms to launch multiple brands, such as The Project Rock line with Underarmour, Teremana (his tequila brand), and ZOA (his all-natural healthy energy drink). 

The Bottom Line

Online consulting presents a vast array of opportunities online. The five consulting industries we shared today are prime examples of industries ready for cultivation, although we always encourage individual research. With many emerging industries, you may have difficulty narrowing down the best for you. Therefore, we recommend following your heart, trusting your gut, and leveraging your intuition to find the industry that speaks the most to you. 

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