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Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money Sports Betting

Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money Sports Betting

Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money Sports Betting

Sports fans far and wide prosper inside the arena of sports betting. Sure, we’ve all heard about that person who placed a random $10 bet and luckily had a 5 to 6-figure payout. That’s not practical, however. This guide takes a practical approach to how you, despite experience level, can begin making money and unlocking financial freedom with sports betting. 

One of the most popular ways sports bettors make money is by employing a strategy known as fading the public. When fading the public, you bet against the side that has the majority bet. You only do this so long as the sportsbook doesn’t adjust the line (to increase the spread to limit financial vulnerability). Considering how sportsbook win more often than not (otherwise, they wouldn’t be a business model like casinos), it is generally safer to fade the public with your betting platform.

Straight bets are by far the most popular form of sports betting. With straight bets, spreads have to be achieved to cash-in. Ties result in a “push,” meaning there is no win or loss. Total line bets are the second most widely participated sports betting type, and while big parlays are often tempting due to their vast payouts (as high as 645-to-1), the odds of accurately placing all your bets are astronomically against you. 

If you are a complete newbie, it’s best to stick with straight bets and to avoid investing in any betting software (since you don’t understand the ranking criteria of those sports betting programs). 

Statistically speaking, you have to be right on 52.4% of bets to break-even in sports betting. You also have to bear in mind the vigorish (the fee that sportsbook or bookmakers charges for placing their wager), which is why it is always best in quality over quantity. For those seeking big payouts with sports betting, parleys have payouts in the hundreds of thousands to millions, although they are the most statistically against you. 

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