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Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money with Vlogging

Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money with Vlogging in 2021

Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money with Vlogging

Vlogging involves the creation of video content for a specific audience or niche. As YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok become ever-more popular, the opportunities to spread your wings and secure financial freedom with vlogging have never been as possible as it is today, tomorrow, and the years to come. This guide explores what’s required, some tips on the trade, and the best platforms to help you make money with vlogging in 2021

What Do You Need for Vlogging?

Your appearance, lighting, and vlogging tools affect the quality and the end product of your videos. Therefore, making sure you have access to a high-definition camera (can be a cellphone, webcam, or video recorder and user-friendly video editing software (like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, or Final Cut Pro) will put you in a strong position to become a successful vlogger. 

A Powerful Tip for Successful Vlogging in 2021

Choosing a niche and sticking to it is how most successful vloggers gain financial freedom. Make sure when narrowing down a niche for vlogging that you select a field that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, not a niche that you think can accrue you the most income. The key is to add value to your audience, not solicit them, as that is the quickest way to crash-and-burn. Therefore, being interested and possessing wisdom regarding your niche is the best formula for consistently interjecting value into your video content. 

Best Vlogging Platforms of 2021

Here are the most powerful social platforms presenting enormous opportunities for vloggers: 

  1. YouTube – The second most popular site worldwide, YouTube is a vlogging powerhouse, and its outreach and potential are solely limited by the confines of your imagination. To monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program, you must possess 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers; otherwise, your revenue options are limited to sponsored posts and affiliate commissions. 
  2. Instagram – Instagram has blossomed into one of the largest social media platforms worldwide and is a powerful medium for vlogging. No other platform presents the ability to build brand recognition and connect with your followers quite like Instagram. Successful Instagram followers make money through sponsored ads, affiliate commissions, and indirectly from their venture’s reputability, which creates more business opportunities down the road.
  3. TikTok – TikTok has exploded in popularity and is by far the most effective medium for connecting with our generation’s youth. Direct monetization through TikTok is not as expected as the indirect monetization that results from TikTok stardom. The most common avenues that vloggers (influencers on TikTok) make money with TikTok vlogging include donations, sponsored advertisements, and corporate endorsements. (Learn more ways to make money with TikTik in 2021 here). 
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