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Make Money Selling Insurance Online – Gain Financial Freedom

Gain Financial Freedom and Make Money Selling Insurance

Make Money Selling Insurance Online – Gain Financial Freedom

Insurance provides people, families, and loved ones with services and financial support. In today’s society, insurance is a critical safety net to help protect against the unexpected. In the United States, over 61% of all bankruptcies stem from a lack of health insurance. The demand for insurance spans far and wide and beyond the realms of just health insurance. Today we will dive into how to meet insurance demand by selling insurance online to gain financial freedom. 

Before selling insurance online, you should build a solid foundation. If you aren’t part of an insurance agency (or you are), then you understand the importance of a platform. Therefore, owning a website, such as a review website, is a practical and effective manner to build your foundation. Here’s a quick guide on how to launch a review site. From there, there are a couple of different approaches you could employ. 

The first would be to launch a broader review site, encompassing the various types of insurances, and providing valuable and relevant content that can be monetized through partnerships and affiliate programs. One of the best techniques to become a trusted source in your niche is to perform comparison reviews between industry competitors. So, for example, “Allstate Insurance v.s. State Farm Insurance – A Comparision Review.”

When launching an insurance selling website, starting with a general review site will prove more challenging to gain traction, but they are great for long-term growth and expansion. The other method, and perhaps the most common and best for initial traction, would be creating an insurance-niche site. So, instead of reviewing multiple kinds of insurance, you narrow your scope down to one of the following insurance categories: 

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Auto Insurance
  4. Fire Insurance
  5. Liability Insurance
  6. Guarantee Insurance
  7. Property Insurance 

From there, you can provide thorough industry insights, comparative reviews, and honest company reviews of the best insurancers within that insurance field. Monetization is structured the same, with income streaming from affiliate commissions, company product advertisements, and once your platform gets large enough, through search ad revenue.  

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